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NGS Services

We provide reliable and fast NGS service for whole genome, exome, transcriptome (RNA) and specific panel sequencing, with the expertise in sample extraction, library construction, sample QC and data analysis for standard and customized sequencing.

Send your samples to us and our NGS service scientists will perform the service and detect mutations, polymorphisms, copy number variations in the genome and transcripts for you. With our state-of-the-art automated laboratories with rigorous quality control, Quintara Bio offers an unprecedented cost-effective solution for you to address your quest of sequencing in the next generation level.

SDNA-101DNA Extraction (each) $150.00
SDNA-102DNA Library Preparation (each) $300.00
SMS-300 MiSeq Sequencing Run (300 cycles) $2,000.00
SMS-50 MiSeq Sequencing Run (50 cycles) $1,400.00
SMS-500 MiSeq Sequencing Run (500 cycles) $2,200.00
SRNA-101RNA extraction (each) $150.00
SRNA-102RNA Library Preparation (each) $300.00


  • Fast, Hassle-free Service
  • Sequencing data are typically available within one week of sample received.

  • Stringent Quality Controls
  • All samples are validated to ensure high quality libraries.

  • Customized Sequencing Runs
  • Set up runs with custom primers, read lengths, etc.

  • Various Libraries Acceptable
  • We can optimize conditions for your libraries with yields of 2nM or lower or with low diversity.

  • On Board Data Analysis Included
  • Advanced bioinformatics services are available.

Sample Requirements

100 ng of DNase treated total RNA (for mRNA sequencing) at a concentration of 5ng/mL or greater, in nuclease free water, with A260:A280 value between 1.8-2.0

Library Construction

Sample Preparation Guideline

The success of techniques such as next-generation sequencing, microarrays and library construction is contingent upon the precise and accurate processing of DNA and RNA. Library preparation of nucleic acids relies on a coordinated series of standard molecular biology reactions, and preparation of high quality libraries at high yield is a critical first step in the next generation sequencing workflow.

We use a series of high quality reagents that facilitate library preparation of DNA or RNA for downstream applications such as next generation sequencing and expression library construction.


RNA integrity Number value should be greater than 8

RNA sample should be measured by Ribogreen or 2100 bioanalyzer RNA chip

Sample Preparation Instructions

Primer For Sequencing Prefer Tm: 50-60C, GC content: 40-60%

E. Coli Colonies

  • Colonies need to grow for at least 16hrs at 37°C to reach good visible size
  • Pick a single colony with sterile tip and resuspend in 30ul sterile Tris buffer (10mM, ph8.0)
  • Prepare 2 separate tubes: 1 contains 15ul colony suspension, 1 contains 5ul primer at 5pmol/ul

Plasmid Walking

  • 10ug plasmid DNA
  • Vector information if whole plasmid sequencing is to be done
  • 10ul vector primers for first round of sequencing at 5uM
  • Reference or expected sequence if any

NGS Sequencing


Data Analysis


Special Services