mRNA Synthesis Service

mRNA Synthesis Service

Quintara has developed a robust T7 RNA polymerase-based transcription system to synthesize up to 10 mg mRNA in vitro within one day. Such large-scale and expedite service is aimed for meeting the demands of increasing popularity and advantage of delivering mRNA over DNA into mammalian cells for in vitro protein expression, genome editing, vaccine development, oocyte micro-injections, and other applications.

Currently, reporter mRNAs including Max GFP, mCherry, fire fly luciferase and renilla luciferase are available for ordering.

Turnaround time for a customized order is estimated to be 1-3 weeks depending on the availability of DNA template, length of mRNA, quantity, etc.


    Contaminant removed

    Anti-reverse cap analog(ARCA) and poly-A tailed incorporated

    Modified nucleotides substitution available upon request

    Flexible sample formats: DNA template could be synthesized inhouse


These scales (10µg, 20µg, 100µg) are available for order, please email for details.

Discounts are available for new customers and large volume

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