Gene Fragment Service - Q-Block

Q-Block Gene Fragment Service

Gene fragments are versatile in synthetic biology research, and can be used for many applications including cloning, gene construction and and gene editing. In collaboration with Twist Bioscience, Quintarabio is pleased to offer Q-Block: high quality gene fragments built by Twist at industry-leading pricing from just 8 days.

Advantages of Quintarabio's Q-Block Gene Fragment Service:

  • Lowest cost in the industry: same price/bp regardless of fragment length
  • No minimum order size: order as few or as many genes as you need
  • Fast delivery time: Made in the USA for industry-leading turnaround time
  • High accuracy: less screening ensures improved experimental success
  • Experienced customer and technical support to provide you with highest quality results
  • Flexible downstream services including Q-Gene DNA cloning and plasmid prep

Applications for Gene Fragments

  • Gene construction and modification for protein and antibody expression
  • qPCR and SNP detection
  • Development of CRISPR constructs for targeted gene editing
  • DNA cloning for synthetic biology applications

Compatible cloning methods

  • Restriction enzyme cloning
  • Gateway® cloning
  • Golden Gate Cloning
  • TOPO™ Cloning