Quintara Biosciences

Plasmid DNA Maxiprep

QuintaraBio provides high quantity, large scale transfection grade plasmid DNA from bacterial cultures. Using streamlined production work flow and proprietary technology, we deliver purified plasmid DNA in various quantity packages within 2-3 days. We accept most sample formats; e.g. agar plates, stripes, glycerol stock, and liquid cultures. Using Qiagen EndoFree® Plasmid Kits – the gold standard for this procedure, our turnaround time is 50% faster and the plasmid is 50X cleaner than other providers using magnetic beads and cheaper reagents.

We also provide an endotoxin removal procedure for producing endotoxin free plasmid DNA for customers who work with direct transfection with mammalian cell lines or stem cells which undergoes rigorous quality control steps. With our guaranteed endotoxin free standard (<1 EU/mg), you can achieve a high expression level of the plasmid with minimal concern about the cell toxicity.


    Very fast procedure

    Endotoxin free

    Highly concentrated (>1mg/ml)

    Flexible sample formats

    Cost effective


Name Cat# Description Price
Plasmid DNA Miniprep SP-9600015 up to 10 ug plasmid DNA $9.00
Plasmid DNA Midiprep SP-9600016 500 ug high quality endotoxin free plasmid DNA preparation $199.00
Plasmid DNA Maxiprep SP-9600017 1 mg high quality endotoxin free plasmid DNA purification $399.00
Plasmid DNA Megaprep SP-9600018 up to 3 mg endotoxin free, transfection grade DNA $499.00
Plasmid DNA Gigaprep SP-9600019 up to 7.5 mg endotoxin free, transfection grade DNA $1199.00

QC Standard

A260/280 1.80-2.00
Appearance Clear and colorless
Sterility assurance No growth on LB plate in 48 hours
DNA-Homogeneity Predominantly supercoiled
Endotoxin <1(EU/mg)
Genomic DNA less than 1%
Identity Gel analysis/restriction enzyme/DNA sequencing verification
RNA contamination Not visible on agarose gel